Glenn Llopis Mission Statement:   Trust Your Brand and Make Opportunity Matter
Helping individuals “trust their brand” and businesses “make opportunity matter” to create and sustain their momentum both in and outside of the workplace.

Glenn Llopis, is the President/CEO of the Glenn Llopis Group (, and is known as “the opportunity expert”. Mr. Llopis is the prototype of the new entrepreneur whose success lies in steadfast character, passion for life and an ability to marry social responsibility with ground-breaking products and services.
He combines a celebrated UCLA education with fast-tracked years at the Gallo Wine Company and Sunkist where he became the youngest senior manager in the company’s 100+ year history. Leading the successful turnaround of Sunkist’s juice beverage division opened the door for his next endeavor, the vice president of the $1 billion Norway Seafood Co. at only 30 years old.

In the decade since, Llopis has parlayed his traditional experience into nontraditional ventures that have been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The Financial Times, Advertising Age, Brandweek, MSNBC, Yahoo! News and others. He has also published more than 30 articles appearing in these and other business publications and has successfully launched (7) new business ventures.

Mr. Llopis has recently launched his highly anticipated new book, Earning Serendipity – 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work (   He also serves at the Chairman of the Executive-2-Executive Mentoring Program at the University of California at Irvine, and Faculty Lecturer at the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at Chapman University, and is a Board Member for the Society and Business Lab at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.  Glenn serves as an educator for Junior Achievement and is the Founder of the Center for Hispanic Leadership (  

Glenn Llopis in the Media:
Mr. Llopis has sparked quite the media hype with the launch of his highly anticipated book, Earning Serendipity: 4Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work, that was officially released on May 1, 2009.

Both media and corporate audiences have responded with high acclaim.  Llopis has participated in programs that have attracted both mainstream and Hispanic audiences. Llopis has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox local Morning and Lifestyle shows in more than 30 markets and has been featured on  two of Univision’s nationally broadcasted shows - Al Punto, hosted by Jorge Ramos and Premier Impacto hosted by Satcha Pretto.   Llopis’ views on entrepreneurship, trusting/redefining your brand purpose, the immigrant advantage in business and why women will influence and reshape the economy have been featured on several popular radio shows, blogs (ie. Huffington Post) and print magazines.
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