"CIH is on the cutting
edge of a paradigm
Shift in how we view
business and our contributions to the

-Karen E. Klein,
The Center for Innovation and Humanity (CIH) helps individuals / corporations create and sustain relevancy and impact in the new economy. Without strategy, change is merely substitution, not evolution. Today's uncertain times have forced us to reflect upon the ways we think, act and innovate. As individuals and organizations, we must apply the lessons learned from the past to develop strategies that influences positive social change and impacts the betterment of a healthy-whole.
With our current economic recession has emerged the concept of the "new normal." Many define the "new normal" as the new trends, strategies and decisions that will remain constant (normal) based upon the evolving landscape of business and society.
Does your individual or corporate brand fit within the new normal trends? What is your strategy for change?
CIH proudly presents educational programs to help you design your sustainability strategy.   These programs are delivered as keynotes, workshops, executive roundtable forums and / or online learning. The following are just a few programs (of many to follow) that will be led by our CIH Delegates
Thriving in a Brave New Workplace
More than ever, organizations have been forced to redefine their leadership roles, growth objectives, brand identities and relationships with their partners, clients and customers. These activities have impacted the workplace and have led toward a transformation in the ways we think, act and innovate.
As a result, there is a sense of uncertainty and people are seeking to apply new strategies for change
and how to create an environment that breeds sustainability, excitement and loyalty back into the workplace. Change represents tremendous opportunities for growth and advancement. However, it will require an employee branded workplace in order to best see and seize these new opportunities. Organizations must embrace new sustainable methods to unleash an empowered workforce that can share and act upon their ideas and ideals. Today’s brave new workplace must empower its workforce to innovate, contribute and succeed - whereby expanded boundaries support a sustainable entrepreneurial spirit to propel momentum. A workplace that allows the organization and its people to flourish as an employee branded workplace community; where one another's distinct identities and interrelated strengths are optimally utilized for the betterment of a healthy-whole.
Innovation Humanity: Propel Positive Social Change Through Ethical Innovation
We have reached a critical time where corporations, government, academics and leaders alike - must evaluate the manner in which we create and innovate (products/services), develop and manage people (talent), build relationships (clients) and  grow sustainable earnings (profitability).  The past represents a history of lessons learned from the knowledge economy where ethics was a mere choice.  The present defines Innovation Humanity:  the beginnings of the wisdom economy where we must give birth to a new form of ethical innovation that propels positive social change to breed global prosperity. Innovation Humanity is a principle of thought that inspires us to renew the ways we must think, act and innovate for the benefit of a sustainable healthy-whole.
Today’s global economic crisis has affected business and society; and has called for the implementation of Innovation Humanity from Fortune 500 C-level executives, small business owners and citizens alike as we seek to create new industries and redefine old ones.  Innovation Humanity must serve to provide a strategic roadmap for the ethical advancement of  new products & services, industries, leaders and opportunities the world-over.
It's Time: Renew, Revive and Thrive
We all seek to be relevant and create impact. Today's business climate is more diverse, multicultural and the challenges are most unique than ever. For individuals, they feel out of place, unnoticed and unsure of the future.  For organizations, they are uncertain and cautious about what decisions to make, what plans to take. We have all reached a point of reflection and renewal both personally and professionally. We are all in search of how we fit into the new economy and what allows us to create and sustain relevancy and impact.
"If you are not growing, you are dying.  If you not reinventing, you are not growing."

Three factors are redefining the landscape of business and society:

1.   The Millennials are changing the ground rules
2.   US corporations, universities and non-profit organizations have an identity crisis
3.   45% of people dislike their jobs
This program will address each factor and the decisions individuals must make and actions organizations must take to renew, revive and thrive in the new economy.  CIH Founder, Glenn Llopis unveils his methodology that have helped reshape Fortune 500, emerging mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs alike. Featured case studies will include, Google, IKEA, Costco, Amazon, Salesforce.com, Intel and many more.
To learn more about our educational programs and / or to request registration information, please complete the form on our contact page today!
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