Founder / Executive Director, Glenn Llopis
Welcome to the Center for Innovation & Humanity (CIH). CIH is a think-tank designed to partner with Corporations and Universities throughout the world; to influence the development of a new enlightened form of ethical leadership based on the principals of Innovation Humanity. CIH seeks to critically address the multiple paradigm shifts that are challenging how we should approach innovation and its role in propelling positive social change the world over. Our goal is to provide our delegates, attendees, sponsors and partners with valuable insights; tangible strategies, researched solutions and tools to help their products, services and brands approach innovation and humanity in the new economy.
What is Innovation Humanity?
We have reached a critical time of reflection where individuals, corporations, government, academics and leaders alike - must evaluate the way we think, act and innovate. The past represents a history of lessons learned from the knowledge economy where ethics was a mere choice. The present represents Innovation Humanity - the beginnings of the wisdom economy where we must give birth to a new form of ethical innovation that propels positive social change to breed global prosperity.
Value Proposition:
Why We Exist:
  Renew the ways we must
and act to propel positive social change through ethical innovation.
Share the CIH mission in partnership with Corporations and Universities throughout the world; to influence the development of a new enlightened form of ethical leadership based on the principals of Innovation Humanity

Offer the CIH community of
delegates a platform that
inspires their:

1) Vision to See,
2) Courage to Sow,
3) Knowledge to Grow
4) Wisdom to Share

– to make the world a better

  Today’s global economic crisis
has affected business and
society; and has called for the social entrepreneurial spirit from Fortune 500 C-level executives, small business owners and citizens alike as we seek to create new industries and redefine old ones.

Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term any more, it now must represent a symbol for global prosperity, peace and social responsibility.
Innovation and Humanity must serve as one, in our undisputed and collaborative efforts to create new products & services, industries, leaders and
opportunities the world-over. We must all be social entrepreneurs both in and outside of the workplace. It is no longer a choice; it’s the “new normal.”

While we are not all born entrepreneurs, we must all now learn to embrace “the new normal” characteristics of an entrepreneur to recreate a
sustainable system for economic and societal prosperity.

January 2010 Summit Partners
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The Top Ten Nationally Ranked Entrepreneurship Program (by both Entrepreneurship Magazine and The Princeton Review) at Chapman University was founded in 1996 with the establishment of the Ralph W. Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics within the George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics. Undergraduate and Graduate courses provides resources for succeeding with both individual and corporate entrepreneurial pursuits. The Center provides counsel in start-up strategies, business and marketing plans, strategies for growing firms, and guidance in securing angel or venture capital funding. Students are provided opportunities for participation in student organizations, entrepreneurial internships, business plan contests, consulting team projects, and mentorship programs.

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Orange County Innovation (OCI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to generating global awareness of Orange County as a powerhouse of innovation. Our mission is to promote Orange County innovation internally and externally with the intention of attracting: Human capital (talent), Investment dollars, New purchasers of Orange County products / services and Students of higher education.
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