Our Mission
To empower the professional growth and talent development of Hispanic Employees through the use of culturally-tailored curriculum that helps accelerate the awareness and potential of their unique skill-sets and capabilities in the workplace.
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Why is CHL Relevant?
CHL is the only Hispanic Talent Development Institute of its kind. Founded by Cuban-American Author, Thought-Leader and Former Fortune 1000 Executive Glenn Llopis - CHL was designed to propel the growth and awareness of Hispanic Talent and its increased necessity in today's changing workplace culture.
While companies continue to invest in Hispanic Market Development amidst today’s economic crisis – research indicates that their remains a large void in addressing the needs of Hispanic Talent Development and their advancement inside the workplace.   Now that Hispanics represent the majority-minority, their Hispanic Talent must be addressed utilizing mentoring, coaching, educational and career tracking tools that tend to their specific personal and culturally tailored requirements. CHL’s goal is to create a platform that allows Hispanic professionals to seamlessly transition from a role of success to significance in and outside of the workplace.
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