Navi Radjou is the Executive Director of the Centre for India & Global Business at Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. Navi was born and raised in Pondicherry, a former French colony in Southern India, where he attended a French high school. Growing up speaking Tamil at home, interacting with friends in French, and reading Time and Newsweek from the tender age of five shaped Navi’s multicultural background and global perspective.


Prior to joining Cambridge, Radjou spent ten years in the US, primarily as Vice President at Forrester Research, a leading US-based technology research and consulting firm. At Forrester, he investigated how globalized innovation—with the rise of India and China as both a source and market for tech innovations is driving new market structures and organizational models called “Global Innovation Networks”. During his nine years at Forrester, Navi has advised senior executives around the world on technology-enabled best practices to drive collaborative innovation, global supply chain integration, and proactive customer service. Based on his extensive field research in India on innovative business models pioneered by large corporations and grassroots entrepreneurs, Navi recently published a 10-part report series titled “India: The Innovation Giant (Re)Awakens.”
Navi has had wide exposure in national and international media, including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Washington Post, BusinessWeek, Financial Times, Le Monde, and Nikkei Shimbun. Navi maintains a blog titled Made in India on Harvard Business Online. He is a frequent speaker to senior executive groups and has spoken at conferences organised by the World Economic Forum, Council on Foreign Relations, the Nomura Research Institute, The Conference Board, Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Milken Institute, Harvard University, and MIT. Navi was honoured by Financial Times which called his co-authored work on National Innovation Networks—the first-ever ranking of countries by their collaborative aptitude to integrate innovation capabilities across multiple regions—as “ambitious” and “sophisticated”.
Prior to joining Forrester, Navi was an IT consultant in Asia—working with both private and public-sector companies—and a development analyst at IBM’s Toronto Software Lab. An Indian-born French national, Navi earned his MS degree in information systems from Ecole Centrale Paris, and also attended the Yale School of Management.
In January 2009, Navi decided to align his personal passion for India with his professional interests by joining the University of Cambridge as the Executive Director of the Centre for India & Global Business at Judge Business School. The Centre brings together business, academic, policy and thought leaders and young people from around the world eager to shape India’s leading role in the global knowledge economy.

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