Dr. Simone Ahuja is the founder and principal of Blood Orange Media, a vertically integrated media company based out of Minneapolis, USA and Mumbai, India. Most recently she created, directed and produced the television series, Indique—Big Ideas from Emerging India, for which she journeyed through India’s teeming metros and innermost rural communities to explore how innovation from India drives socio-economic development on the subcontinent and around the world. Meetings with CEOs of MNCs as well as grassroots entrepreneurs heralding bottom-up, small scale innovation gave her an authentic, on-the-ground look at methods of innovation employed in India and the drive behind it. The series reveals how and why these methods are different, and why they are complementary to those employed in the West.


IndiqueBig Ideas from Emerging India is scheduled to air on PBS in 2010 and on a variety of outlets internationally including Discovery India.


Simone’s cross border media company, Blood Orange, develops, produces and distributes documentary films and television programs in genres that include travel, business, history, lifestyle, and world culture for US and international broadcast. A presence on two continents contributes to Simone’s rich understanding of the complementary strengths of teams in the US and India. Simone has produced award-winning programming for CNBC, USA, founded an online film competition, and produced and directed the 2007 travel series IndiqueUntold Stories of Contemporary India that airs nationally in the US, and on international airlines including Northwest Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. In India, the series airs on a top rated English channel, Zee TV. Simone has presented to and consulted with trade delegations, academic institutions, and Fortune 100 companies including the University of Cambridge, Honeywell and Best Buy Corp.

Simone is based out of Minneapolis, USA, and Mumbai, India.
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