Robert J. Sherwood is president of SmartText Corporation. Founded in 1995, SmartText provides individuals, institutions and businesses with specialized management consulting services, litigation support activities and legal form software. Mr. Sherwood was President of the Center for Business Innovation which provided business services and equity capital for early stage technology companies and he was also President of Capital for Entrepreneurs, Inc., venture capital fund. He has been engaged as a testifying expert witness on numerous Internet related matters by prominent  law firms for leading technology companies.


Mr. Sherwood was a 1995 winner of the Ernst & Young/NASDAQ Entrepreneur of the Year award. Sherwood was also an Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City and a Distinguished Lecturer, University ofKansas, where he taught courses in New Venture Creation, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capital.  A Silicon Valley entrepreneur, he joined an early stage company in California, which grew from 30 employees to more than 5,000 employees and $500 million in sales in less than 5 years. Mr. Sherwood was a co-founder of RasterOps Corporation a high technology computer products company. RasterOps grew to $50 million and 400 employees in 3 years. Mr. Sherwood was also founder and president of an environmental equipment manufacturing company, which was chronicled in Business Week and Fortune magazine as one of the most innovative companies in California. He has lived in Paris,France and managed business located in Europe,South Africa and the Middle East.

He has a Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of Kansas in 1966 and a Master of Business Administration from California State University Hayward in 1972. He is a Contributing author, Environmental Engineering College Handbook, Contributing author, Growing New Ventures, Creating New Jobs, Entrepreneurship: Principles and practices, Quorum Books, Westport, Connecticut-London 1995 and Editor ofEntrepreneurs: You Can’t Afford The School Of Hard Knocks. He has been a board member of several public companies and not-for-profit organizations and an investor in more than 20 technology businesses.

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